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      Anyone had recent experience exchanging the stock starter (stock 260) for a gear reduction type? I have seen a Powermaster 9036 suggested in an early post.
      Mine was slow spinning the engine so I checked and replace the 4 YO battery for some improvement, When cold it delivers a healthy spin but today ( at a car show of course) I needed to start a well warmed engine . First attempt was very slow and no start… second attempt was stronger and a easy start.
      My guess is the starter has a weak segment or gets heat soaked. Before I take it to a starter shop for a rebuild was considering my good experience with GR starters on my other antiques. Prefer a one wire to avoid a remote switch..
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      On my Lister clone with the 351 I would have an occasionaly hard start.Sometimes I would need to try a couple of times to get it to engage.It happened at a car show as well.On the test stand it worked perfectly.Changed to a gear reduction starter and never had a problem again

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      Bought one of Jegs gear reduction starters. We’ve used theirs before works well.

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