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      More problems! Now the Tiger speedo gear is worn.
      Apparently the 15 teeth is no longer available.
      1). Does any one still have one for me?
      2). What are the part numbers of the 14 and 16 teeth gears, and where
      are these available? Ford still has these?
      3). Are there any other possibilities to solve the problem?
      Thanks Robert

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      Call Greens Obsolete Ford Parts, they my still have this part use the ford # you have for the 15 tooth gear. Good Luck 😀

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      Though not listed in 15 tooth version, most Mustang parts houses have speedo gears starting at 16 teeth and going to 20 teeth. They also have speedo drive gears in 6,7,& 8 tooth versions. There is also a formula for calculating the correct gear depending on drive gear teeth, axle ratio, & tire revs per mile:

      driven gear teeth = drive gear teeth x axle ratio x rev per mile divided by 1000

      Hope this helps.

      Fred Baum

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      Be aware when ordering a speedo gear that the teeth can face the opposite direction on some. This is due to the toploader having the cable connection on the passenger side, (for lhd), for many Ford uses. So not every gear will work. It’s best if you can find a site that has pictures of the gears so you can compare with your old one to ensure it’s teeth go the same direction.

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      The Mustang catalogs I have show the gears, a chart to figure out what gear you need ( for Mustangs), color code and Ford part numbers, so it should be easier to find the correct rotation of the gear teeth.

      Fred Baum

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      Robert, I have a used 15 tooth gear if you still need such a thing. I just noticed your posting. If you don’t have tires as tall as the orginal Dunlop Road Speeds that came on the car, then you probably want the 16 tooth which is available from Rick at S.S.

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