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        Has anyone tried edelbrock shocks on their tiger?

        Edelbrock 34880 1964-67 Sunbeam Tiger Club Shock; Rear $78.72
        Edelbrock 33880 1964-67 Sunbeam Tiger Club race Style Shocks Front $78.72

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        I was wondering the same thing….

        Sure beats the Koni price. Of course Koni’s are really good but….
        79.00 is about the best price I have seen but I haven’t tried the Pepboys or Autozone to see if they can do better.


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        CAT no longer have the edelbrock shocks in stock.

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        CAT has apparently just ordered 50 more sets from Edelbrock and are putting a list of buyers together. Should be ready in a month or so.

        I have not used them but the come highly recommended and were engineered specifically for the Tiger.

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        Do Edelbrock make the shock absorbers themselves, or are they re-badged? Pedders, a local suspension outlet also make some very good shock absorbers for the Australian market. I don’t know whether they make one to suit the Alpine/Tiger though.

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        I was just at our Detroit Autorama this past weekend and talke to the Edelbrock rep there about the tiger shocks and he said they didnt make them any more low volume. He thought there may be some left out in the market like summit racing jegs ect. Unless cat orders a min amount?


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        I understood from the Tiger list that CAT justput in a new order for 50 sets.

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        Jim Stone

          Can anyone tell me how well these shocks would work on an Alpine? I know they will fit, but is there any reason why they wouldn’t be a good option for us too?


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          Jim. Hey you! The Tiger rear axle and diff might be alittle heavier and the springs a little beefier. But basicly I think that it work fine on an Alpine. Robert

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          Jim Stone

            Hi Robert! Your old Tiger Konis are still working fine on my Alpine, so I guess there is no reason for these not to work as well. Assuming, of course, that I can find a set.

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            I have a note here from Bill at CAT dated March 13/08. He says that 100 shocks have been ordered (25 sets) and that they are 6-8 weeks away. Price should be about the same as they were before which I think is about half that of Konis.

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