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      Has anybody go contact info for Barry Schonberger? I believe he might be in Illinois. I’d like to talk to him about Tiger shocks and heard he might be a Koni dealer.

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      Barry’s contact info

      Barry Schonberger

      Evansville, IN 47720

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      Go to the Members Only section of this site and you will find an email address.

      Go to the Roster and you will find a street address and phone number.

      Not a member? Then you have been given two reasons to join!

      Fred Baum


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      Thanks for that. No I admit I am not a member yet as I only recently got onto what a great club and forum it is. I do belong to CAT, and PTC and SAOCA as well as Sunbeam Canada.

      In live as far west in Canada as you can go without getting wet so perhaps I am awaiting the TWAW chapter to emerge.

      BTW, CAT is expecting a new run of Edelbrock Tiger shocks if anyone is interested in a Koni alternative.

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