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      New to the forum and Tiger ownership. A gentleman just gave me his 1966 MK1A about a month ago after 25 years of trying to buy it. Car is in a little rough shape and I am slowly disassembling, tagging and bagging along with taking pics of everything.

      Plan is to take everything apart, have it dipped and begin repairing and putting it back together. Unfortunately, I do not weld, but I am a pretty good mechanic.

      I am looking for advice concerning the frame. Is it best to use repair parts such as Rob Martels or use a modified frame design for added strength? If it modified, does anyone have a blueprint or design? Any help/advice on restoration would be appreciated.

      Thank you,


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      Hi! The person you need to talk to is Doug Jennings at Tiger Auto, He dose ground up restors of Sunbeams His # 937-252-3317 Good luck ๐Ÿ˜€

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      Doug Jennings is the guy east of the Mississippi. I purchased a MK1A from California. The body was solid but had been smashed and repaired. Doug did the dip, repair and paint. He discovered that the car was racked by alomst two inches. He put it back to spec. I’ve got the car now for reassembly. He did the best work I’ve ever seen. Tell him that "nice not perfect" recommended him.

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