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      Today I jacked up my fine Tiger to start working on the rear brakes. While one wheel was off the ground I tried to turn the wheel and couldn’t budge it. Thought the shoes were hung up. Tried the other side, same thing. Jacked up the center section (both wheels off the ground still couldn’t turn them. Yes ,it was in neutral.

      Finally put a bar on the crankshaft nut and turned the engine over. Car is in gear and when turning the crank manually BOTH wheels turned in the same direction ! My conclusions are as follows: 1. the car has a limited slip, 2. the car has a welded (locked) rear. 3. Something is radically wrong inside the differential. The car has aftermarket traction bars on it and air shocks so it may have had some kind of informal racing life once upon a time

      While this was going on there was no noise from the rear and it all turned smoothly. Comments ? Or suggestions for further study. Thanks, Bob

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      Next time try setting the back end on jack stands, putting the transmission in neutral turn the drive shaft. If that doesn’t turn then something is amiss.
      Remember to release the emergency brake………… 😆

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