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      Ron and Cathy Stein

        I have read a number of FB and Forum posts over the last few months wondering about Tiger price trends or a few people grumbling how they lost money on their car. Yes there was the brief spike in Tiger prices in 2014, but I think that was smoke and mirrors by some to try to manipulate the market. The facts don’t show any weakness in the prices and I don’t think you can get a more stable market for a car than Tigers over the past 5 years, as shown on the two attached screenshots. That moving average line is perfectly horizontal at an average of $68,000 USD. That chart only includes sold cars. I think social media like Facebook, Bring a Trailer, and Club Forums are educating people on the cars, and what to look for, whether it is stock, modified, TAC’d, etc. At the end of the day don’t worry about prices, and enjoy the cars. Depreciation isn’t an issue with any Sunbeam or Rootes vehicle. It’s certainly not depreciating like the other 95% of the cars out there.

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          The thread was discussed on CAT . IMHO it’s an that the ledger page was allowed to remain and further that BaT has allowed other pages marked do not reproduce on their platform. My complaints to Coventry went “insert chirping crickets” as well as at the club level asking others to suggest that Coventry sends out a single line for a requested car not the whole page. But I’m not sure that BaT comparable sales are really comps as several ended up with the second high bidder. I know this because some seller’s told me personally. D. Milners MK2 was propped up although it was a nice car by “friends of the marque suggesting to others to use the Thumper rule. Commonly If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothing. Fortunately Sean and the couple others cooperated. I’m not saying Dave’s car wasn’t nice but it was missing and had a few reproduction parts on it like the grille. It sold with the stainless steel one and the original is on eBay.
          Some see through the Tiger guys comments and label them fanboyism.
          Real comps are hard to come by for a number of reasons. But that MK2 did sell and it’s story is a Newport collector hired dealer was the hi bidder and he completed the deal.

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            The 2014 prices had a lot to do with a superheated market at the time for classics and the column inches, Monterey invites and general attention the Tigers got for their 50th anniversary. Tie into that a lot of the people familiar with the marque were in the 50-70 bracket and it was ripe for some Rosey eyed sales …. I suspect some dealers saw that and certainly helped shill the prices higher… Within 12 months most of the high over the top sales were gone and the mid level cars were heading back down to the more realistic prices we know.

            I think the current market is slowing more as the demographic shifts on and the focus for collector cars is hitting up in the 80s- 90s cars.

            Just the 50th anniversary coincided with the peak of that asset bubble run… And the speculators who jumped in late got a shock

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            Bob and Jean Webb

              I think you’ll find the way collector cars sell is based on the age group that knew the cars while in their younger years. Many wanted new cars at the time the cars were being sold new. Those of you that have attended Uniteds over the years probably have noticed the age of attendees. Most of the folks also have other cars that are called Grandma cars for moving grandkids. If you want to see Michael’s comment in action just attend the Import Festival at Carlisle, Pa. Different ages, different cars.

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