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      There is a tiger for sale on ebay via Bring a trailer, I hope someone that knows more about these cars can tell me, that the serial# and TAC# is not listed on the Norm Miller site, The serial # seems odd B9201028 with the TAC # 0758 and was done in 2012 going by the certificate that is shown in the pictures on ebay. Could this be a Alger. 😕 … true#v4-46

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      Series 3 Alpine VIN. Those go from B9200000 – B9205864. That and the TAC not being listed on Norm’s site would raise big question marks.

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      I guess I will call Norm, If you notice the descrition says $1000. 00 no refundable moneys??

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      The LRXFE was interesting.

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      Gilles Boudrias

        Well… for starters…from the STOA site

        …"TAC criteria:

        TAC inspects for:
        * Authenticity: a Tiger unibody as produced on the Jensen assembly line.

        TAC does not inspect for:
        * Originality: a complete Tiger identical to the car as originally produced by Rootes.
        * Correct ID elements (VIN, JAL, etc.)

        In other words: fender flares, hood scoops, highly modified engines, custom interiors, etc. do not have any bearing on the TAC procedure. Many highly modified Tigers have been awarded TAC certificates."…

        Taken from C.A.T

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