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      Hello Everyone,
      While removing my cylinder heads for a rebuild (and yes, you can remove the heads without even lowering the engine) I decided to put an end to those leaky remote oil filter hoses. I’ve read quite a few discussions about shorter replacement filters that can be screwed right on the the engine block. I decided that I would rather install the 90 degree adapter from Ford racing and still use the full size filter. Imagine my surprise when I removed the old remote hoses and adapted and found that my original 260 block actually has a female 1 1/16-12 thread in the block. Every filter and the Ford 90 degree adapter all want a male 3/4-16 threaded connection. I’ve never read anything about an adapter, has anyone else run into this problem? If so, what did you do?

      Thanks for anyone’s insight and guidance here.


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      There is a post in the Mod. tiger under oil filters, has the filter numbers and also the adaptor number.

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      Thanks for the response, maybe my question was not exactly clear. I have the Ford 90 degree adapter here in my hand. I also went out and purchased one of the short filters discussed in the Mod Tiger forum. Each of these wants to attach to a threaded stud (with a hole through it for oil flow) sticking out from the block. My stock 260 block has no such connection. It has a hole drilled and tapped in the block. Therefore I need to make an adapter (1 1/16-12 thread on one end, 3/4-16 on the other) in order to attach either the Ford part or any other type of filter to my block. I was just wondering if anyone else had ever run into this problem.


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      You will most likely have to go to the wrecking yard and take one off a another motor

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      Check with a Mustang parts supplier or Ford dealer. The oil filter adapter insert is still being sold by Ford. Eric

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      Yes I got one from Mustangs Unlimited along with a handful of other mechanical bits.

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      I was recently in a similar situation and discovered what you need is called an ‘oil filter insert’; Ford Part #F1AZ6890-B. Can be found or ordered through the local Ford dealership or an aftermarket supplier specializing in Ford parts.

      Good luck!

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