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      What is the best source for finding out which Alpine items will fit on a Tiger? Tigers are 1966 MK1-A’s and the Alpines I have are Series V’s. I want to make sure I understand what parts I am going to need to source to rebuild my wrecked Tiger. I have a front clip from a Series V and a complete Series V as well. I assume that the sheet metal is the same, sans trans tunnel and inner fenders w/supports. I have lots of work to do and want to make sure I have my ducks in a row before starting. I am not sure if the Book of Norm addresses the similarities and differences.

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      I do not have a source for you. But I know that the Mk1A and Series V have in common: the square doors, hood and trunklid, also the heating vents, Most other parts are also the shared with the series IV and except the tailfins with even the series III. The SV has the same stowage setup as the MkiA, SIV an SIII have the three metal lids which hide the soft when down. Robert

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      Armando Pelaez

        I just saw an ad, selling a 65 Tiger on the West Coast. The seller phrased it as a " Rebodied Tiger ". Has anyone heard this term used before?

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        that term seems to float around the "old" car hobby. I see it a lot over on the Shelby Club forum, and I’ve heard that it is a common term.
        In general it means that someone used the [assumed not wrecked or rusty] body from a more readily available car [less costly] – Mustang in the case of an early GT350, Alpine in the case of a Tiger – to fix up a poor condition car.

        I am unclear on someone admitting to this in writing, as apparently moving the VIN from one car to another is a violation of Federal law. However, in most cases a real expert can figure it out pretty quick… so maybe that is why the seller listed it?

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