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      Hello All….

      First time poster, hope I am in the right spot….

      I have acquired 3 Sunbeam Tigers and many, many parts. I am beginning to sort through everything and will definitely be needing some help. These were my fathers cars, saying he was an enthusiast would be an understatement.

      First up: Yellow Tiger

      Of the 3, this one is in the best condition. I am wondering if anyone can help a bit though. This tiger has a bubble in the hood as seen in the pictures. It also has racing slicks on the rear wheels. Someone once told me that because of the engine in this one, it is worth significantly more than the others. I have not made up my mind what I want to do with them, at this point I am just trying to educate myself.

      Please ask any questions or direct me to where I can find more info.

      Thanks in advance,

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      Looks like the yellow car has an interesting history! Did your Dad share any stories with you? The hood is not stock but most likely a grafted on one so the air cleaner would clear. Do you know any details about the engine? Hard to tell from the photos but maybe a Hi Po 289? Eric

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      Hello, thank you for the reply….

      I know the name of the person he bought it from, found that on a hand written receipt showing payments to him for the vehicle….

      Other than that, one relative at my fathers services said that this Tiger had a “racing engine” and was rare….

      I will have to see what else I can find out

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      Long shot here – Did you happen to host a BASH event a few years ago?

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      I have not hosted any BASH’s-those have been held in Pennsylvania for years-except for this year due to the virus! I have hosted lots Sunbeam events here in South Carolina. Eric

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        Could be a HiPo, the non-vacuume advance distributor is a step in the right direction. Is the intake marked “Edelbrock” or “Tiger”?
        You can check the harmonic balancer and see if it is the wide HiPo type or thinner stock type, if is wide you might want to remove a valve cover and see if it has screw in rocker arms studs.


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        Seems like there are a lot of unknowns and some hearsay regarding what is what.
        Another factor to help figure things out might be the dates/timing of the purchase and modifications.
        How much historical detail do you have?
        Good luck.

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        Thank you about the HiPo recommendations…. I am going to check that out and will report back… I will also check this in a mustang k-code forum I have joined…. I also have a shelby supercharger that I am identifying….

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        The manifold is marked COBRA, not edelbrock or tiger. I’ve attached a pic.

        Going to check harmonic balancer now.

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          Thanks david-f! Without a doubt its the hipo harmonic balancer.

          Does that confirm a HiPo 289?

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            The distributor and balancer could have been added to a standard engine. To be almost certain you would have to remove a valve cover and see if it has valve spring pockets for stability and screw-in rocker-arm studs. They say the heads have a 19, 20, or 21 cavity number in the corners of the castings outside of the valve-cover areas on the exhaust side. Don’t know if this is true, or if you can see this area on a Tiger. If you have HiPo heads you probably have a HiPo, BUT to be certain you would have to remove the oil pan and see if you have 3/8″ HiPo connecting rod bolts, standard engines are 5/16″ Also HiPo’s have heavier crankshaft main bearing caps.


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