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      The old steel exhaust system on my Tiger is getting pretty loud and has probably given all that it is going to give. I would like to replace it with a system that has an incredible mellow sports car sound if something like that exists. Does anyone know if something like that is out there? Has anyone got any experience with how the systems from either Sunbeam Specialties or Victoria British sound? How about just going to your local muffler shop? What muffler is a good one doing it that way?

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      I used a Flowmaster exhaust system on my 289 Mustang. It is somewhat loud during heavy acceleration, but sounds great at idle. I also noticed a significant difference in performance, since this system has reduced back pressure.

      I don’t know their website, but I would guess that it is something like

      Fred Baum

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      It’s NOT I just went to that site and got something totally different. maybe a local speed shop can help.


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      Fred, do you know which of the many Flowmaster mufflers you have in your system? The choices are endless.

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      I think they are Flowmaster 40 Series Delta, 2-1/2″ openings. The address printed below took me right to the page for 1965 Mustang exhausts. Form there I’m sure you can find something in the size and sound you want.

      This site is for Auto Parts Warehouse. I don’t know where they are located. Their site seems to be pretty extensive. … &year=1965


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      Our family Mark I is being restored in Denver and about the only part that has withstood the years are the stainless steel mufflers I bought about 20 years ago from Victoria British. They still sparkle and the sound is acceptable although not aggressive.
      Jim Anderson

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      last spring, i got a custom exhaust from the local mineke(sp). It was around 275. That was 2in all the way back to just glass packs. The glass packs are pretty old, and probly need replaced. I have had many compliments on the way it sounds overall. And i dont know your taste, but some have said its pretty loud under hard acceleration. Probly due to blown out glasspacks. The glasspacks are thrush.


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      Different strokes for different folks. I run headers with two glass packs on each side. It is quiet at idle and at any cruising speed. Under hard acceleration, it really sounds off. I don’t think I have ever heard a Tiger that didn’t sound good. Probably has something to do with the overall length (or lack thereof) on the complete system.

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