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      So far no one has added their Tiger engine survey info – I was hoping for better. If that statement in not correct, if you have submitted your information into this new format, let me know.

      This is a new format for the Original Tiger Engine Study – it is a blank spreadsheet right now waiting for your Tiger Engine Survey info. This is also a new format and process for the TE/AE web master and I. If this new format is not working correctly we need to understand why. We also need to know if it is working correctly. We need everyone’s help and participation for that to happen.

      I have entered 3 lines of Tiger Engine info, that is all the information contained in this new Tiger Engine Study spreadsheet. I’m not going to enter all the Original Tiger Engine Study info I have gathered over the years. Some or most of that information may be out of date and in many cases the information is incomplete.

      You have to understand it took me a few years to expand the data fields of the Tiger Engine Study to answer basic questions about the Tiger engine configurations within the 13 production Tiger engine groups. It took a few more years to add additional data fields to answer other Tiger engine questions asked by Tiger owners. None of the Sunbeam publications cover this subject.

      I have been asked if this Tiger Engine spreadsheet is available for study. Right now – NO, it is not. Right now there is not enough information within this new format to study. If you have Tiger or Ford engine configuration questions – just ask me. I will do my best to answer.

      This Original Tiger Engine Study needs every Tiger owners participation. If you previously submitted information to me – please submit your information again through this new automatic format. If you have never submitted your Tiger Engine information – please participate. More information means better understanding of our Marque.

      There is more to learn about our Original Tiger Engines – let’s discover it together.

      Next Monday is Memorial Day – to all military personnel – Thank You for your service

      To all Heath Care Workers – Thank You for your service and perseverance

      Ron Fraser

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      Paul and Mary Freen

        I would fill out your survey but I have no idea where it is or what you are talking about.
        Us newbies need it spelled out, or at least I do.

        Paul Freen

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        Yes, the location was not obvious – it is now – it is on the TEAE home page.

        We have been sorting through some little technical issues and clearing up the instructions.
        Thanks for participating and for anyone in the same boat check again for the Tiger Engine Study.

        Ron Fraser

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        Don Eichstaedt

          I am sure I supplied this info a few years ago@!

          Why can’t you just transfer the old info??

          Or send out what you have for it to be confirmed/

          Don Eichstaedt

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          I have a Tiger that came with an extra motor. My car is a very early car being one of the first 500 made. I’m not sure which motor is original to the car. The car was produced between 6/27/64 and 7/64. The motor in the car is dated 12/63 the extra motor is dated 3/64. Which motor is more likely to be the original motor?

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