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      I have taken my Tiger engine out to replace the clutch, and I am pretty sure this engine has never been apart before. The valve covers gaskets were so old, they were brittle and just crumbled. It has the original exhaust (and intake) manifold, with the lock washers still intact.

      The previous owners was good enough to contact me many months after the sale and sent me the original greem registration log book, with some old MOT test certificates.

      It feels so special to be working on something that was put together over 40 years ago, has not been stripped before, and is still running so well. The engine starts, and runs fine, no bearing or tappet noise, and pulls strongly. Just a few oil leaks to sort out now (rear seal?) and she should be back on the road.

      I really do admire these American V8 engines for their performance and longevity. And of course that wonderful sound they make.

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