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      Hey Tigerland,
      Earlier today I was working on a clients 1966 Maserati Sebring and I tripped over a Tiger Rear Axle 😯 😯 . I was amazed to see a Dana 44 axle with Jaguar/Girling Brakes on a Italian Sportscar of the same vintage as our Tigers!! 1966 😉 The only difference in the housing is with improvement tapered roller bearings for the axles and the location of the pan-hard mounting bracket. 😛 😉 Unfortunately It is a bit of an ugly beast, 😆 A Stag front grill, Jaguar Interchangeable suspension components. Not all Italian, part Frankenstein! The Sunbeam is still a better built car now that I’ve peeked into the body structure.
      So if anyone is out scrounging through the boneyards looking for parts, Here is another source for a Dana Rear End . 8)

      Rob Martel

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