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      I discovered a potential problem while setting the valves on my Tiger over the weekend. When I redid the engine I had screw-in rocker studs put in the heads. As I worked through the valve I noticed that one of the rocker arms at the back of the engine seemed to have an excessive amount of side to side motion in comparison to the others. Removing the rocker arm showed why, there was a groove cut in the side of the rocker stud that went about 1/3 of the way through. I replaced the rocker stud and found that once a different rocker arm was on that it was slightly off center contacting the valve stem. This would then I presume cause the rocker to want to twist sideways and caused the groove in the original stud. So, what do I do now?? I’m reluctant to try to bend the rocker stud, even though it probably would only need about 1/32 to 1/16 to center the rocker on the valve. I’m guessing that the only real solution is to buildup another early head, which I have, or buy a set of new heads and replace both. What’s everyone think??

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      Mike Schreiner

        Bend the rocker stud, You can always do it the hard way if that doesnt work! Mike

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        Sounds to me that when the studs were set up for threads that one was drilled and tapped off center. Maybe tell the engine builder and see if he has a good fix or will redo it for you?

        Fred Baum

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        So I ended up bending the new stud over slightly to line up the rocker arm with the valve. But I did discover one important thing in the process, it runs better when you put the plug wires back on the plugs they came off of….

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