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      I am still sorting my new Mk 1a Tiger.

      I noticed today that one of the rubber boots or covers on the steering is badly cracked.

      I read that, in oeser to replace the boots the steering must be removed.

      Until I can arrange for that to be done, is there any harm in duct taping/securing a plastic cover over the broken boot?

      I hope to drive the car as soon as a brake mc arrives but would postpone if the broken boot is important enough to ground the car…



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      Hi Allan
      I would not drive it much with cracked boots as they need oil in them to lubricate that hard to replace steering rack. I replaced both boots with the rack still bolted in the car. I counted the number of turns I unscrewed the tie rod ends when I took them off so when I replaced them, steering alignment was the same. I then filled the rack by jacking up one side pretty high and inserted a rubber hose connected to a bottle of oil under the tie rod end of the seal before I clamped it down. Not a fun job but not too hard to do. Can you post some photos of your Tiger? Eric

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      Hi Eric,

      did you have to remove the ball joints in order to remove the the rod ends?

      And remove the radiator in order to access the boot clips?

      I will try and post some pictures although the car is still dirty and is on jack-stands will the wheels off…


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      No the balljoints stay in place-you just have to pop the tie rod ends off the steering arms on the wheel hubs using a tie rod end remover tool or a "pickle fork". The radiator stays in place too.
      I cut off the stock rubber boot clips and used hose clamps to hold the rubber boots in place.
      Thanks for posting photos of your Tiger! My favorite color too-is that the original paint? If so try and keep the car as a survivor-there are too few of them left….

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