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      Does anybody know where Tiger B9470145 is ? ? ? 🙄

      I have the ORIGINAL window sticker of this car! And like to give it to the owner if it still exists.

      Sold by: Merrimack St. Garage of Manchester NH.
      Suggested retail Price P.O.E. Boston $3499.00
      Fitted accessories: Heater 60.00
      Tonneau Cover 39.00
      Seat Belts 12.00
      W/W/Tires 35.00
      Total suggested retail Price P.O.E. $3645.00

      Noteworthy is the P.O.E. BOSTON, which is also where my Tiger was imported. Most for New England came through Long Island.
      However, I once met somebody who worked for a dealer in Rutland VT. He stated they picked up cars for in Brookline, MA. Anybody else knows more about P.O.E. Boston??

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      Hi Robert
      How did you come across this window sticker? I had to chuckle when I read that the heater was a $60 option….for a car sold in New England?!
      Seems like a block heater and a regular heater should be standard equipment. Would be neat if you reunite the sticker with the car again….wish I had one for my car. Eric

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      Hi Eric,
      It came with my Tiger some fifteen years ago. The po lives in Manchester NH. The rest ????????????

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      I think the Merrimack St. garage still exist…. It is the Volvo dealership owned by Ray Saidel. (I think it is the same place)

      Ray sold sports cars in the 60’s from this location. For those who don’t know, Ray is the person who developed what we know as the TVR today.
      Yes, the TVR. Back then Ray called them Jomar’s and had TVR build the chassis. He would finish them in the US.

      He showed the car at the New York auto show and had a really positive response. TVR was going to take over manufacturing these totally, some deal had been worked out, and then investors got involved on TVR’s side and Ray walked away….

      So, there were about 30 Jomars built before they changed to TVR.


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      You are right about the Jomar’s.
      In fact the previous owner of my Tiger used to visit there often and told me they manufactured in the basement of the dealership. The Rays family still owns one or two Jomars. I have seen once one in Hemmings for sale.

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