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      Hi – does anyone have or know of a good checklist for authenticating that a car is really a Tiger? Very clear pictures that show Alpine vs. Tiger differences for each item would be very helpful as well. There’s a fair amount of information on the Rootes One website, but the pictures they show aren’t very specific if you don’t already know the visual difference between Alpine and Tiger. I’m starting to look for a Tiger and would love to have a very concise checklist and pictures to at least use for initial validation before getting serious about the car. Thanks in advance!

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      The best thing to do is try to attend a Sunbeam event. The United is just around the corner. There is no substitude for hands-on experience. If you can actually look and touch (Gently) a real Tiger and talk to the owners one-on-one, it will mean more than all the pictures in the world. You could then take your own pictures to help your memory. Telling the difference between a real Tiger and a clone can be easy or very difficult depending on the quality of the conversion. That is why it takes three qualified inspectors to agree on the certification of a Tiger.

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