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      Seth Repko

      I am moving to Florida and need to liquidate my parts inventory in its ENTIRETY. I am located in Macungie Pa, not far from the BASH location in Hellertown PA on 6/12/2022. Some of the larger items include a conv. top frame, the metal soft-top cover, console and many trim parts. I have approximately 20 boxes of misc parts, gauges, bumper brackets, headlight buckets, taillights, lenses, turn signals etc. All parts are from a Tiger i owned or series 4 and 5 aplines I have owned over the years.

      Text (or call) me at 610-462-3379 to let me know what secific parts you’re looking for.
      Thanks for looking, I hope I have what you need

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      I am completing the restoration of a Tiger Mark1,1965.It has LAT 70 13″ wheels with center hubs that take a 3″ diameter sleeve held in place by allen screws.The outside of the sleeve is threaded to attach the spinners to.I need one of these sleeves,3″ in diameter about 1 1/2″ long.Do you have this part? Malcolm

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        Mike Schreiner

        Where are you moving to in florida? I am in the Jupiter/ west palm beach area…..let me know if you bring any of the smaller parts with you to florida…Mike schreiner

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      Seth Repko

      Sorry Malcolm, I do not have that part for you

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      Good morning fellow Sunbeamers, Trying to finish a home I’ve been working on and it’s down to the wire to install the septic. I need some money, so I’m looking at getting rid of some things I have from a 1963 Series II I have the entire front end, suspension steering shaft, etc, a transmission that came out when I put the overdrive in (worked fine when I took it out) left and right door with glass, think I used the right regulator and a redone Hardtop, hate to sell the top but probably the one thing people will want. No idea what to sell this stuff for and thought I would offer it here before putting it on EBAY. Will trade info and pictures to interested parties

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      Seth Repko

      I will be available June 10th, 11th, and 12th (BASH Weekend) for anyone who wants to search for parts at my home. I am approx. 14 miles from BASH location in Hellertown PA.

      Please text or call and I will send you my address. I still work and can’t answer the phone all the time, so don’t be afraid to leave me a voicemail.


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      Mike Schreiner

      I am looking for a wiper motor assy late Alpine or tiger (2 speed) Do you have one? Where in n Florida are you moving? I live in Jupiter /west palm area…..mike

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      Seth Repko

      I have one, text me. I’ll send you a pic. 610-462-3379

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      Seth Repko

      Mike, I do have a wiper motor

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      Charles Hicks

      Any LAT Tiger valve covers available?

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      Seth Repko

      Sorry Charles, no valve covers. I had a set of reproduction ones years ago but they have since been sold

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      Seth Repko

      Thanks to everyone who has inquired about or purchased parts from me in the last few weeks. This post is just a reminder that I have many parts still available. I am located just 14 miles (Macungie) from the BASH location in Hellertown, PA.

      I will be available 6/10, 6/11, and 6/12 at my home for anyone that wants to stop to browse for parts. Call or text me at 610-462-3379 and I will respond with my address. I still work and can’t answer my phone all the time but leave me a message and I will get back to you.

      Listed below are some parts still available. There are many more, but I cannot list them all.

      Original Tiger fuel pump
      Tiger fuel pump bracket
      Correct Tiger carb spacer
      Washer bottle
      Washer bottle bracket
      Eyebrow grill upper
      Center grill badge bar
      Windshield Mouldings
      Steering wheel surround
      Many Gauges
      Front and rear bumper brackets
      Wiper motor
      Heater core
      Gas Caps
      Turn signals
      Map light
      Horn button
      Soft top catches
      Soft top latches
      Soft top frame
      Metal soft top cover and sides
      Various lenses
      Headlight buckets
      Triangle kick trim
      Outside door handles
      Inside door handles
      Inside window handles
      Inside door pulls
      Badge holders
      Tiger side badges
      Trunk locks
      Trunk hinges
      Trunk springs
      Chrome pillars
      Trunk hinges
      Soft top brackets
      Sunbeam Letters
      Light switches
      Padded knee roll
      Visor hardware
      Passenger side vent window

      AND many more small parts.


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      Seth Repko

      I still have Many of these parts mentioned on the above list. Feel free to text me with what you are looking for. Thanks.


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