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      Did the Tiger have different seats to the Alpine? There are so many cars around that have been re-trimmed, its difficult to tell.

      What about the other interior soft trim, was that common too?

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      Later Tigers (MK1A and later) used a different vinyl on the seats and door trim panels than that found on the Alpines. It was called pigskin vinyl. Early MK1 Tigers used smooth vinyl like the Alpine of that era. Several vendors sell the correct pattern seat covers. Eric

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        MKII tigers also had the pleating running in the opposite direction.

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        So Mk 1 Tigers trim was originally all the same as Mk IV Alpine, is that right?

        My Tiger has been re-trimmed in leather by a previous owner, and the seat backs seem to have a separate panel which gives them a deeper ‘bucket’ look. So this is not original then? (Looks nice though).

        I also see a lot of cars like my Tiger, black with red piping on the seats, and carpets. Was that original on Sunbeams? Mine also has red piped trim, but I don’t think that is original!!!

        I love these cars.

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