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      What are people using to replace the stock tiger Air filters? I remember seeing some K&N items that fitted. Any suggestions? Where are people buying these from?

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      I found out recently that if you go to the Summit racing site … and type in Sunbeam Tiger … they list the K&N there… part# is KNN-E-2859
      Here’s a link … =32&N=700+
      There’s a NOS AC one on e-bay right now that’s never been out of the box.. I hate to think what it’ll go for…!


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      another thought… Sunbeam specialties also sells one for a little over 1/3 the price of the K&N (K&N is $42) but I found that it was I think a ’round’ filter that has been ‘crunched’ into an oval….I had trouble getting it to fit just right in the housing…
      The K&N is ’round’ but very flexible and fit the housing real nice… another bonus…it’s the last one you’ll ever buy… 😉

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      thanks for the quick reply.

      I saw the NOS one on ebay.. its always fun to see what that stuff goes for.. its not fu if you need to buy it. A K&N filter sounds like a good move.

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