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      I finally got rid of the coat hanger and bought a Lokar throttle cable and bracket. When trying to adjust for full throttle (Put a brick on the gas pedal, loosen the adjusting nut on the pedal assembly, pull the lever back to full throttle, and tighten the nut) the lever slips on the rod once I am done if I go thru more than half of the pedal travel. I have tightened the nut to the point that the bolt broke and have replaced it with a very strong bolt but still cannot get it tight enough to hold. I took the rod out and beat it with a hammer (It is nice to have a spare just in case) to deform it a bit for a tighter fit. Still no luck. I thought maybe the double return spring was too much but the results are the same even with no return springs. It appears as if the hole that the rod passes thru is just old and worn. Any suggestions? At this point, I am almost ready to mark it and have it welded.

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      I had the same problem when I initially reassembled mine. What I ended up doing was spreading the U of the throttle arm out a bit and using a larger diameter bolt combined with a slight groove on the pedal rod. I marked where I wanted the groove before disassembling the whole thing.

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      After two pitiful attempts at fabricating a new lever, I went back to the original with a better attitude. Finally pressed it closed in the vise and ran a hacksaw thru the middle where the two sides meet. With a little less metal, it closed a bit tighter and finally worked. I hope it lasts. Thanks for the input. I will save the story of the two aborted attempts for chuckles over a beer at some point in the future. The memory is too painful at the moment.

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