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      Looks like there is a small problem with number 3 rod…

      there is a story here about a very interesting car that has just surfaced

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      I like the ventilated crank case. Nice. I think it is too late to back off 100 rpm on the “rev limiter” 🙂

      Is that a upper engine stabilizer on the back bolt of the head or is it simply a hook to lift the engine out? Looks like an remote oil filter setup too… hmmmm…

      Tell us more…. this should be good.


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      Also, I think I see a setup for a oil temp sending unit…

      This gets better all the time.


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      might have happened right after this run…

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      That is Fred Livezy’s car. Wow! Very nice.

      I don’t know too many details on the car other than it is a RHD Series IV which was raced by Buzz Marcus before Fred owned it.

      Keep us posted on the details. This will be good!


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      I got to look at the car today and it is slick!!! Hope to get with the new owner and do some photo documentation. Steve can you host the images if I get the go ahead? I am about out of space.

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      I stopped by Eric’s place today and found him giving the old girl a bath and she really looks nice.

      Hey Eric lets stab that 1725 in and take it for a drive.

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