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      The tiger arrived Wednesday afternoon. Pretty rough and ready, but I’m still excited. Spent the last couple of afternoons cleaning it up, taking pics, and removing some items to gain better access to the engine. Of course, after sitting for so long, it’s stuck. I removed the plugs last nite and put penetrating oil in the cyls. Also removed the valve covers. It looks really good inside and the good news was that none of the valves were stuck. The plan right now is to get everything loosened up, remove all of the carpeting, etc. and get it up on my lift to get a really good look at the underside. Can anyone tell me where the best lifting points are?


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      Looks like a good project. Looks like most of the parts are there.

      Until you’ve determined the body integrity and get under to see the condition, you can jack up under the suspension components. (Not owning a roadster myself, I can’t say the best body points to jack under. Hopefully someone will chime in.)

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      Yes, I basicly agree with Eric.
      What I woulkd do is, carewfully jack up under left front wheel suspension and determine if there is any difference in the door closures. Then the same from the other side, same on rear, under the rear axle. Then you know pretty well what the integrity of the body is. The usual jack point (if you have the Rootes jack) are at the end of the fram rails, but often not very solid.
      Now jack it up under the front crossmember and the rear axle. That should work ok.
      Good luck with the project you have ahead of you. I did almost the same, but nowalmost 20 years ago.

      PS. Take plenty of digital pictures before you take anything apar! It is amazing how long the project can take, one never knows. You think you can remember, but believe me, a picture, makes reassembly that much easier. No thinking should this go this way or upside down, etc…

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