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      When i saw that photo, i knew i saw that somewhere else.

      take a look at these “2005 Sunbeam Tiger’s” … 2005-1.asp

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      Such a bold effort needs trademark protection. As a matter of fact, an application has been made recently for the names “Sunbeam”, “Sunbeam Alpine” and “Sunbeam Tiger” for automotive as well as clothing uses. The application can be seen at, serial number 78357854. It has been filed by Michael T. Hughes of Duluth GA.

      There are 50 or so days left to contest this application. The applicant had to swear an affidavit stating that this trademark was never used before…

      Should the application go unchallenged, we will be asked to either cease promoting Sunbeam social activities and selling regalia and parts, or else we will have to pay a license fee to do so. It does not seem right. Is there a trademark lawer within our US membership?

      Cheers, Gilles

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        This has been extensively discussed over the last few days on the Tiger email list. I don’t recall that point about him swearing that the trademarks had never been used before. If correct, that could create a problem for his application right there.


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        Gilles,I am a trademark lawyer with a firm in NYC.However I can’t access the trademark site at present…but I should be able to access the site via another door based on the information you provided.I’ll check it out ASAP and respond to the forum. frank mooney

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        Gilles/Stu-I have printed out a copy of the SUNBEAM TIGER application Serial # 78357854 published for opposition on July 5,2005 for the category to include automobiles as well as the category of clothing.The applicant is Michael T,Hughes of Duluth GA. 678-910-1955.The entity listed as the Correspondent[the party the trademark office contacts for information etc.]is Sunbeam International of Carson City ,NV 678-910-1955.I have no knowledge of either party.Ive left voice messages for Some TEAE officers re this information.My office e mail is,phone 212 682 8811.

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        Gilles/Stu-The SUNBEAM TIGER application was published for opposition on July 5,2005.The opposing party has but 30 days to file a n opposition;however a request as a matter of right for an additional 30 day extension to file an opposition may be electonically filed during that initial 30 days.Additional extension requests may be filed but only upon the opposer showing good cause[not likely to be granted in my opinion].An association may file on behalf of itself and/or its members.The opposer is not required to show ownership rights but only that it has a “real interest” and “a reasonable basis for the belief of damage”.I believe the TE/AE meets this criteria.

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