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      If anyone cares, I’ve moved my personal website to a proper host…

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      I care!
      Great site you have there. We have to talk motorcycles when I see you again. We have a mutual sickness Does TT still have his CT-90? cheers, Eric

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      Thanks, Eric.
      Maybe the next TEAE event I’ll have the Sunbeam motorcycle running.
      Yup, the CT-90 is running strong.

      What strain of the disease have you contracted? Mine started as Japanese, and then it mutated to Italian and British.

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      No German? Yet? Eric

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      My brother has the Russian strain mutated from the German original.
      no German …. not unless I fall ill with a case of Victoria Bergermeister.

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      I took the first ride on my Sunbeam S7 Deluxe last night. I just went up the street… not too far.
      Check my website for the full story.

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