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      Tiger owners are going to love this!

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      A forum for MODIFIED Tigers! At last!

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        Bob H,

        Is that your engine? I have seen photos of that motor on the net the last few years.. just great! Also beautifiul header tank!

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        Thanks for the compliments.
        The “header tank” is actually just a place to put a thermostat into the system. There was no provision for a thermostat with the Weber manifold.


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          That motor is just magic, i bet it sounds great when getting the foot into it.. i have half as many chokes on my alpine and it is great under load.. i can only imagine how fantastic it is when you put the pedal down. Also the general presentatio of that engine bay is truly spectacular!

          the alpine only returns 18-20mpg on the dual webers.. how thirsty is the tiger? is it a 4.7 or 5.0? are you running alloy heads? would love to know the specs on the motor.


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          Engine was assembled over 20 yrs ago so a lot is now old school technology.
          Used a Boss 302 block with 4 bolt mains and a Reath stroker crank with 6200B rods and modifed TRW pistons… displaces 322 ci. This was long before Ford strokers became common. Cam is a Crower solid roller tappet with .597 lift and 292 duration. Heads are seriously ported 351 W (done by Ted King in Portland) with 1.94 intakes and 1.60 exhausts with Pro Magnum roller rockers. Intake is Inglese Cobra with 4 Weber IDA 48’s. Ignition is Electromotive distributorless, direct fire with crank trigger. Also has direct-port NOS.
          More pictures and history available at … index.html

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            what happened to the posts with all the 1/4 times? they were very interesting!

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            Since my last post was wiped out I will post my times again.
            At speedworld in Phoenix last Dec at a PSCA event the car ran 10:14 on 235-60-13 DOT American Racers mounted on the stock LAT-70 rims and 9:87@135 on 24.5-7-13 M/T slicks. The motor is a 331cu. with Canfield heads and a 250 of NOS.
            On Sunday feb.13 I raced the car here in Orlando and the car ran 10:
            30 @131 but i got beat by a street car that run’s 8:60’s but it was fun, and it made the 20 mile drive with no overheating or any other problems.
            The Tiger gets a lot of attention and really surprises people.
            I dnyo’d the car here in Orlando it makes 350hp to the rear wheels and 458hp with a 150shot of NOS.

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