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      This is a post to test the new TEAE forum

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      Jim….Worked Great!

      Jim 😀

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      🙂 Well done Jim and Donna! The club is going to love this. News, events, car questions and advice, all in almost “real time”. Eric (65sunbeam)

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      wow this thing is really cool. I like it alot. 8)

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      Worked Great and l look forward to lots of discussions as I am the proud owner of a 66 Tiger

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      I registered with the modified tiger site and now would like to register with the stock tiger site. I can’t use the same email address for both. Any suggestions other than two email addresses?

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      The reason it won’t let you register is that you already are registered in that name. When you sign on for one you register in all categories.
      I think. ❓

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      Yeah that is it. You register for the forum over all not each section, one user name is good for the whole deal.

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      Thank you Jim and Donna but why didn’t you have this set up in 1960 when I purchased my Series 1 Alpine? frank mooney the wait,however,is worth it.

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