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      Hi guys…in the tech tips section on cooling, radiator types CX and FX are discussed….. forgive my ignorance but when I research these on the web all I find references to are Toyotas and Hondas. can someone hep me out here please…right now I am leaning toward the Summitt single pass aluminum 17X24.5″ radiator…. SUM-380645



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      Hi Keith
      How is it going?
      As to rads I’m using the griffin single core aluminum.This is available from Tiger Auto owned by Doug Jennings.
      8) sunny but warm..34C

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      Good to hear from you…..38 days and counting….. Big dust storm today and hard to breathe but other than that doing pretty good. I will be SOOOOOO glad to be out of here….dont know if I will be able to sleep without the mortars and AK fire at night. LOL


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      Keith,the dust storm[apparently the mother of all dust storms] was pictured on page 1 0f Monday’s NY TIMES.How do the military vehicles[and men] etc. survive such a hostile enviroment? Be on the lookout for the Sunbeam Alpine 1725 crated new engines which were sold to Iraq by Chrysler in the 80’s or earlier.Stay safe. frank mooney

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      I can tell ya this….it was the worst I have seen in almost 17 months here. The air was actually orange/brown….not the sky…the AIR….it was nasty…I have taken some photos and they look like they were taken through a sepia lense. Visibility was about 50 yards at best. Ventalation systems where I am at are not great and the filtration systems are NIL. 36 days to go guys….. Looking forward to being back home


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      To get back to your original question, I don’t think the Summit SUM-380645 radiator will fit. It is a little less than 24″ between the “frame rails” measured 2″ back from the radiator bulkhead and it is only about 16″ from the front suspension crossmember to the top of the Alpine radiator.

      You can get a Griffin radiator that is a direct replacement for the Tiger radiator (including the extra hose fittings) through Doug Jennings at Tiger Automotive for about $400.

      The only “off the shelf” radiators I know about that look like they will fit are also made by Griffin. Summit sells them as GRI-2-58185-X and GRI-2-28185-X; the Jegs numbers are 475-228185-H and 475-259185-X (the difference is 1″ or 1-1/4″ tubes). I suspect that the lower hose fitting might have to be relocated to clear the frame rail / crossmember.

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      Thanks Barry…I appretiate the info…I will check it out when I get home. I had the wife measure it and at the core support and not back on the rails.


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