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      Tiger is almost back together after our race at NOLA and our next event is the SCCA Majors March 18th thru the 20th at the very fast Road Atlanta. There will be 2 qualifying sessions on Friday 3/18, a qualifying session and the 1st race Saturday 3/19 with the 2nd race Sunday afternoon 3/20. If you can make it out please stop by and say Hi!

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      Best of luck in Atlanta!!


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      Team Tiger’s weekend at Road Atlanta was quite successful. The weather was fantastic making for great racing. The Saturday race started with a 1st lap incident at the end of the back straight that resulted in us taking to the grass to miss the turned cars. We lost a few positions taking the off course excursion but quickly started running down the leaders. We took the lead 6 laps later and started to stretch it out. The Saturday races this year are 25 minute time races and we calculated that it be 15 laps at most and fueled the car for 18 laps. While coming to the checkers to finish lap 17 we ran out of fuel and came to a stop less than ½ lap away from victory. We still finished 2nd as the remaining field were lapped.
      Sunday’s race we started 3rd and had a great race with the #98 Toyota. We raced through the traffic and were eventually running 1st and 2nd in GT2. With 8 laps to go the Toyota made an ill advised pass in the esses and made contact with a AS Camaro which resulted with the Camaro getting stuck in the sand trap. 4 laps later a full course yellow came out so the workers might move the Camaro. The race ended behind the pace car with us 2nd behind the Toyota. The driver of the Camaro protested the #98 Toyota after the race. We were 4 hours from the track on our way home and we received a text congratulating us on the victory as the Toyota was penalized for passing under a yellow flag when the incident occurred. The results helped make up for running out of fuel on Saturday!
      This is the Saturday race link … load_owner
      Sunday race link … load_owner

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