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      Team Tiger’s next race weekend is the SCCA Majors at the challenging VIR just outside Danville VA. I already have heard from Eric Crenshaw that he was coming so if you can make it please look us up at the track. VIR has the climbing 4th gear esses and one of the longer straights that we run, last year we hit just under 159mph.


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      Very successful weekend at VIR for Team Tiger. 3rd on Saturday race (was a lock for 2nd until restart with one lap to go) and we notched our first win of 2015 on Sunday. That race was very interesting as we started with threatening skies and the entire 31 starters were on slicks. Track was dry but after a first attempt of start was waived off it started a very light rain. We started right behind the pole sitting Corvette with the 370z and Toyota Celica right behind me. On the second attempt of the green as the Vette accelerated he lost traction and lost control. we checked up to make sure he did not cross the track and take us out. We passed a GT1 Vette on entry to turn one and looked back and saw the GT2 Vette and the Celica got together thus giving us the lead and a gap. As the laps went by the wetter and harder the rain with cars falling off the track. There was one Corvette on top the guard rail on the exit of the esses, all 4 wheels at least 3 foot off the ground. Finally a full course yellow came out with all the cars cluttering the track and as we circulated the remaining laps the rain had continued and cars were sliding out of control even at these low pace car speeds. We stayed on the track surface and survived for the win in GT2 and 3rd overall!
      Eric Crenshaw TEAE member came out to the track Friday and stayed for the race on Saturday which I think he really enjoyed himself.

      Next race is the Race of Champions at Mid Ohio May 29th,30th and 31st, if you can make it please look us up.


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      Well, I suppose there was no 159 mph in the rain? 🙄

      Glad to hear of your good results.
      Do you suppose that you will get a dry weekend this year sometime?

      Good luck at Mid-Ohio!

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