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      I look at the back of my tach on my Tiger which was never wired up, and I only see one tab coming out for a wire connection, and it has the green wire coming out of it. In the manual, the white wire comes in and looks like it connects to the tach before going to the ignition switch.

      How does this do this?

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      Is there a white wire with a loop and a plastic part fastened to it in your wiring harness near the tach? That is the white wire referred to in the shop manual. It fastens to the back of the tach using a U-shaped metal piece which makes connection with the metal tab on the tach and slips over the threaded rod near that metal tab and a nut holds the assembly on the tach. The metal U shaped part might be hard to find though if missing.

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      This is what you’re trying to find, a white wire looped through a plastic block. A metal U shaped tab held down by a small knurled nut is needed to complete an inductive pickup curcuit. Jeff … host=rides

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      Wow, thanks – I’ll have to check the back of my tach to see if it still has that part attached to allow it to loop in. It should since I had the gauges rebuilt. I know the brass knurled knob is there, I’m just not sure the loop part is underneath. I’ll have to wait until it’s back from the shop to check that out, but that’s another story…

      A picture is worth a thousand words, I was trying to figure out how to get that thing attached, and what it attached to. I have the white wire nearby, and it does in fact go to the ignition as advertised.

      I’ll keep you guys posted, thanks for the info!

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