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      Phil Ashmore

        My tach runs up to 4300 then sticks there. After the rpm has come down below this the gauge will eventually as well. As long as I stay below 4300 it seems to work ok, but does seem to be turning high RPM compared to the rebuilt speedo. Other part of question is there another tach that fits nicely and might be orginal and that goes past 6000 ? My 289 has some kinda cam and it winds up really quickly and I’m sure past 6000. I have pulled some info from the tiger board, but now the archives seem to not be working,….cheers…..phil

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        You can modify an Alpine tach that will look and work just fine. I believe there is a tech tip in the CAT Shopnotes that shows you how to do it quickly and cleanly.

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          If you are going to get a alpine tach make sure it is from a Series V so that the numbers are the same font/size as your MKII gauges. ALso SV tach reads to 7000rpm

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          Generally speaking, most orignal tach mechanisms do not track well. Even when rebuilt by the popular rebuilders. The problem is compounded by the various ignition systems in use today. So if accuracy, tracking and repeatabilty is desired, the mechansims must be upgraded or replaced. There are several options to do this.

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