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      Tim Suddard’s new Classic Motorsport magazine is first rate…better every issue.In a Classic Technology column he points out that the manual for older British Cars[certainly 60’s Alpines] specified 30 weight conventional motor oil for the 4 speed and 90 weight conventional gear oil for the differential but went on to note in the March 2008 issue that the gearboxes now"can use" a modern synthetic GL-4 gear oil "like Red Line’s MT-90 or Motul’s Gear 300". And that the differential should use a GL-5 gear oil "like Red Line’s 75W 90 NS’. However,the Rootes Review I believe has recently gone over this matter and some of you have opinions pro and con.I don’t have overdrive and wonder if Mobil 1 synthetic for the engine coupled with the above two synthetics mignt not coax a higher top speed in fourth gear.My Series 1 Alpine had an oil filler cap that noted Shell Oil Only as I believe[but maybe not] does my Series 5. Frank Mooney

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      Nobody mentions the overdrive as part of the gearbox requirement. I have a feeling that synthetic might be too slippery for the overdrive. Anyone has more input on this?

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