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      Its true,,we have reached a day where social networking is a viable way of communication and to gather information on just about any subject,car related or not.So I got bored one night,and got on my facebook account,In the search engine,I typed SUNBEAM TIGER,and sure enough a whole page was created about Sunbeams,with pictures and detailed info with those pics,some are even factory pictures.As it turns out I noticed that alot of TIGERS EAST members are friends or members of this site..So I got to thinking..Why not create a site for Tigers East and Rootes America Featuring our events such as Uniteds.If you are a member of facebook search for Tigers East/Alpines East and Sunbeam Tiger..both sites will come up.

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      I also just noticed impbarn created a group on there as networking at its finest

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      I can’t take credit for the Tigers and Alpines enthusiasts group.

      Good idea, lots of members are on FB.

    • #63905 mistake,,I thought you created that one..all i want to do is get people more involved in sunbeams and more so to put United in the public view.

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