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      Has anyone stumbled across this website yet?

      Did someone buy the Sunbeam name? Same script and all on the Scooters.

      And what’s this on designing the new Tiger? The link is dead… no info.

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      It should be dead. Several years ago, TEAE’s Frank Mooney alerted TEAE to a trademark infringement issue. An evil person in the south was buying up old established but expired trade marked names. Sunbeam and Tiger were two. If succeeded in grabbing the Tiger and Sunbeam name we (Beam business) would have had to pay royalties to this jerk. TEAE invested $1,000 along with some other US clubs to stop this evil person. As a long time Alpine owner, Frank Mooney, bless is heart, did the legal work pro bono. HE won it for us. The site you refer to I believe is linked to this trademark issue. I believe it was inactive at the time of the filing of our complaint to the court.

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      There is more….!/photos/viewer … 1416524807

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      Bob and Jean Webb

        there is a posting on the tiger facebook page by Roberto Gambino that says they secured the SUNBEAM trademark from Peugeot on Monday.

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        Supposed unveiling at MotoFest in May.

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