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      It appears the weather will finally permit me to get back in my unheated garage and begin to do some work on my Sunbeams. Included in the list of projects is rewiring one of my cars using a new prototype wiring kit.

      Here is some basic information about the wiring kit. The unit has 12 circuits with 3 relays. All the wiring is SXL grade wire that is oil & gasoline resistant with heavy insulation. All the wiring is clearly labeled every 6" and color coded. The instruction manual uses color coding in the diagram to assist in the installation process. The kit will be suitable for an upgrade to the stock, 2 circuit wiring harness and will provide dedicated circuits for wipers, gauges, tach, heater, lights, heater, etc. It will be an appropriate upgrade for all Alpines, Tigers, V8 Alpines and V6 Alpines. The kit uses all American made wiring and components and will be assembled in America by American workers.

      I will have the car with the wiring kit installed at the SAOCA Invasion XI. I will post progress reports with photos I go along.
      from sunny South Dakota,


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      Hi Paul, in Sunny South Dakota!
      How is the progress with the wiring ? I have been of the internet, since my provider is liquidating. Still no DSL on my hill. Now trying out Wireless since one hour.
      Hope all is well in Mitchell. From whom did you get the wiring harness? I added a homemade board with several relays and fuses to my Venezia wiring, and intent to do the same for the Tiger someday.

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      Rebel Wire Maybe ???????

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