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      Upon authorisation I filed 4 separate Notices of Opposition to the trademark registration of SUNBEAM TIGER.These filings have been received and acknowleged by the trademark office.The 4 opposers are TE/AE;Sunbeam Specialties;Sunbeam Tigers Owners Association;CAT.There are various proceedural matters that will be set forth by the trademark office in determining whether on not the mark will be registered.We will be a party. frank mooney

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      I just read that in my newsletter.Do you need more signatures such as like a petition?If so I will be glad to do so.
      8) Other than that it is still a sunny life

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      Chuck,thanks for the offer but presently not necessary. frank mooney

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      Hi Frank,

      I am glad that you and a few others have contested. Imagine the shock I had when I came across that application. I had already warned Rick at Sunbeam Specialties but having not heard back, and with the clock ticking, I quickly joined your club and blew the whistle. Just like I try to get the membership to do to fill our Canadian newsletter.

      I am pained to have to miss the United. You will see me with my car soon enough.

      Cheers, Gilles

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      Gilles,thanks for the info.We have yet to hear from the Trademark Office if responses[from the applicant] to our four notices of opposition have been received by the Trademark Office. frank mooney

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      An update.The applicant seeking to register SUNBEAM TIGER as a trademark did not respond within the 30 day response period to our 4 Notices of Opposition.He is in default but the Trademark Office must declare him as such and we will be so notified.Such notification could be sent out in October 2005 but there is no required date for the Trademark Office to act. frank mooney

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      Hi Frank,
      I think your name and reputation have scared the usurpers away. Thank you. I am still unclear: is “Sunbeam” (without the Alpine or Tiger) a registered trademark?
      Jim Anderson

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