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      Stephen Myers

        My stock remote oil filter assy is leaking all the place and I heard that someone had found an oil filter that was short enough to be screwed directly onto the engine instead of needing the mess of oil lines that came stock.

        Anyone know what filter it is?


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        I have a Fram #2870A mounted directly on the block using the Ford mounting adapter. I have stock exhaust manifolds, and do not know what complications headers may bring (if you have headers).

        Fred Baum

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        Stephen Myers

          I am using the stock manifolds, thanks!

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          Stephen Myers

            I went and bought a FRAM PH2870A and it is only about 3/4″ shorter than the normal Mustang filter?

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            As I remember, the stock Tiger remote filter system takes a Fram PH-8A. I never measured the 2870A to compare, but I have no problem getting the filter on.

            I think the problem may be that you are putting the filter directly into the block, so that it sticks out perpendicular to the block. I have an adapter that places the filter 90 degrees to the attaching point. I could try to take a photo if you would like and send it to you directly. Let me know your e-mail address. Mine is FHSLOTH3@CS.COM.


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            Stephen Myers

              Have any idea what car uses that 90 degree adapter. I don’t think I have seen any before.

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              What you are looking for is a ford motorsport part.I believe that originally it was from the econoline van.I’m pretty sure I have one somewhere in hidden away in the treasure shed.

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              Before I went to the Econoline-type adaptor I used to screw the filter directly to the block with just the normal threaded coupler. It had to be shortened a few threads so the filter could be fitted without jacking the motor a bit.

              I do not have the filter’s number but I know it was as listed for a Renault 5. This filter is still common stock on the front self-serve shelf at Canadian Tire. I’ll check the reference next time I go.

              Cheers, Gilles

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              NAPA 1335

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              Stephen Myers

                Thanks pdq67 that looks to be exactly what I wanted. Only 2.483″ tall.

                Here is a link:

                code : Filter (Gold)

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                Stephen Myers

                  I got it installed and thought I would show how nice this filter fits on the Tiger. There is plenty of room to get it on and off.

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                  I’ve been using a Fram # PH3512 with an adaptor (an old Tiger Tom part) directly on the block, with the std manifolds.

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