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      Does anyone know if there were two styles of hardtops made for the Sunbeam Tiger? I have been told that there was two styles of factory produced hardtops created for the Sunbeam Tiger Mk1 through the end of production of the MK 2. Does anyone have any information on this topic. If true, does anyone have any idea on the quantity of total hardtops produced for the Sunbeam Tiger MK1 and MK2? I suppose you would have to include the Sunbeam Alpine Seris IV and V as well. Any idea on the numbers produced AND when in the production did a slight difference in the styles of hardtops take place? Evidently the difference is very subtle but creates a difference in the style of weather stripping that can be used between the hardtop and the body. I have found the number 15780 stamped on my hardtop. Does anyone know the significance of this number? Just curious…any information would be appreciated. Thank you!

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        Ok… Not sure about different "styles" but there were some detail differences between the SIV/MKI tops and the SV/MKIA tops.

        Rottes changed the seals that sit on the body to a type that didnt damage the paint as much through movement ( i think it went from a hollow type rubber to a solid firmer one.. or vice versa)

        Then there were the tabs on the SV/MKIA/II tops that the soft top boot connects too.

        There were also 2 different size "buttons" that secured the opening quarter windows through the perspex.

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        The SERIES I[which I owned from 1960 thru 1966] had a differant style removable factory hardtop from my 1966 Series V which I still have.The windshields and side windows are differant on those series thus preventing the installation of a Series I hardtop on a Series V or vice versa.The Series II [blue car in Dr.NO] was similar to the Series I but had a reinforcing side track rail for the side windows but used the same hardtop.I believe the Series III and IV and Series IV GT [no soft top]used the same hard top as the Series V. frank mooney

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        Almost correct Frank. Hardtop of Series 1 and 2 are different, rounder and made of aluminum. S3,4,5 and Tiger are all steel and more square than the early ones. Robert

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        In the 1950’s/60’s I spent many wonderful summers on Lake Spofford,NH…the days before"LIVE FREE OR DIE".At one point I inherited my family’s 1949 Mercury two door coupe which was immortalized [but in black] by James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause. He may have survived if he was driving that strong vehicle on the day of his fateful accident. Mercury was a favorite of teenagers/hot rodders. Is there a teen in America today who wants to own ANY current Mercury model? Way to go FOMOCO… do you all live in North Korea? Jaars,I got off topic but that NH triggered memories.Thanks for the clarification re the hardtops. Frank

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        I don’t think there are any physical differences in the steel hardtop shell from befinning to end. There were, as has been pointed out, changes in the weatherstrip and details. Absent these the only way to tell a shell apart from early to late would be if the holes in the rail under the rear window for the soft boot attaching clips were there or not.

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        Mike,I have to respectfully disagree. The Series I and II had a different windshield and different,rounded side door windows from those of the Series III,IV and V which had squared off side door windows. Thus the hardtops were decidedly different and could not be substituted for the other. Frank

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        Frank-Mike was talking about the factory steel hardtops as used on the S3-Series 5 Alpines and all Tigers. The earlier tops were made from aluminum and will not fit later cars as you stated. Eric

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        Eric ,thanks for the contribution and clarification. I’m going to propose with that knowledge on display that you head up FOMOCO. Frank

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