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      Check out this YouTube link. It is a video of my father starting his Sunbeam Tiger after nearly 40 years off the road. My dad is the original owner of this car. He purchased it back in 1965 from a dealership called Bell Motor in Cleveland Ohio. Rare black with tan interior. Dealer said the Tiger was featured in the New York auto show, but I have never seen any proof – if someone has any photos from the show – I’d love to see them. I hope you enjoy it…

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      Jeff Nichols

        Congratulations on getting your car on the road. There is a Black with Tan interior Tiger in the Detroit area. So at least two still exist.

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        Congratulations on resurrecting the 66 Tiger…great to see it make it back. I have kept my 66 Alpine [original owner] going after an engine bay fire 20 plus years ago.It was off the streets for two plus years.The rebuilder closed shop after his coke habit got to him and by by my $1600 cash.Worked on the car this weekend putting in a new dash pad from Sunbeam Specialties.Installation somewhat tricky,the three 7/16 inch middle windshield securing nuts are for a supple contortionist;the two 1/2 inch at each outer end are much easier to access. The new rubber between the windshield frame and the body doesn’t want to compress all that well at least on the first try.The old rubber was for the most part dried out and brittle after 42 years. I need to get a longer extension with a flexible coupling for my deep socket 7/16. I had to access the 7/16 0n the passenger side by cutting a small square into the top of the glove compartment.The instructions,which were pretty good, were silent on this point. I want to be very careful in seeking to compress the new rubber that I dont break off a stud either 7/16 or 1/2. I also am tossing the cardboard that was used along with numerous rivets to secure the dash pad.I will have to use rivets again but will use some strong,flexible material in place of the cardboard..Am also using stainless fasteners ,have had a complete Alpine and also a Tiger kit of stainless fittings for some time…well worth it…no hunting for fittings in the midst of a job…and piece of mind from the rust beetle. Would that the chassis and fittings were stainless.

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        That is great that the Tiger has remained in the one family since new. The car look awesome with the black and tan. Be sure to post some completed shots as well. Sounds very nice as well.

        Regards, Robin.

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