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      Are there specs for adjusting the valve lash on a cold engine? All I can find is for a hot engine. I would think that there is an initial adjustment used when rebuilding an engine. What I have is 0.012 (intake) and 0.014 (exhaust) when hot. Seems to me that I read somwhere that the correstponding cold values are 0.010 and 0.020 but I would like to verify this.

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      I have not found the cold settings either. Just add a few thousandths to the hot settings and then when you do get it started, recheck and set when hot. You will have to retorque the head and adjust the valves after a few hundred miles anyway. Eric

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      Thanks for the info. I will try something along the lines that you suggest but I will keep looking. If I find the info, and I hope that I do, I will post it in the forum.

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