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      Just happened onto a early 1960’s movie BACHELOR FLAT with Terry Thomas{English comedy actor]and Tuesday Weld playing a young lovely.It opens with Thomas driving a white,red interior,Series 1 ,wire wheel,Alpine,top down over various streets and byways.A real dumb movie…were we ever really that dumb but I had a Series I identical but with a black interior and no Tuesday Weld.Remember the first James Bond movie DR.NO[1962] Had 007aggressively driving a siver blue Sunbeam AlpineSeries 1or2] in a chase scene with,of all things a hearse, on the island of Jamaica.His first choice was a Sunbeam Alpine not an Aston Martin.His first woman was Ursala Andress.Any other Alpine/Tiger movies come to mind? frank mooney

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      I watched the original Get Carter recently. This film features a series 5 GT which sadly ends uo in the river.

      In the film McVicar Roger Daltry jumps out of the boot on a red series 5 to rob an armoured car.

      In the film Commando starring a late series car is featured which ends up being crashed.

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      I forgot to add BUTTERFIELD 8, a mid 60’s movie based on John O’Hara’s book staring Liz Taylor as a Park Avenue call girl.Her car of choice from her ill gotten gains was a Red Sunbeam Alpine but I can’t remember the Series or that much about the movie.She does crash the car and die on a highway under construction in Yonkers which was the NY StateThruway.She won the Academy Award for best actress.The Alpine must have been totaled but special effects being what they are who knows for sure. frank mooney

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      Here’s a link to a video clip from the movie Dr. No showing Sean Connery driving the blue Alpine. … =sunbeama5

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