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      Gregg Byxbee

      Can anybody recommend a good, reliable shop that will take a stock Mk1A radiator and do the upgrade for flow rate, capacity, or whatever they do to help the car run a little cooler as well as keep the stock look and dimensions? I’ve tried emailing but no replies.


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      William LeGacy

      don’t know where you’re located.i had my radiator re-cored at Sanford Radiator in Sanford,Maine.fellas name is tony wolfinger.does a quality job for a fair price.installed a high efficiency core(more fins,smaller tubes to slow down flow).I installed a larger six blade fan,blocked the horn holes etc.only down side ,I have to blow the dead bugs out of the radiator with compressed air occasionally.

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      Mine was recored with a HD core from Pacific Radiator, Langley BC.

      My radiator shop says they are superior to other cores. Core cost was $404.

      WOn’t get to test it until I get my engine back in though.

      They said the original core was good for a forklift going 3-5 mph………………

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      My stock radiator was recored by a local shop a bunch of years back. They got the core from "Maine Radiator" or something like that. 3 rows of 36 tubes each. It fit perfectly, much better cooling. Getting stuck in traffic on a hot day is still a bit iffy. But I still have the stock shroud and fan, with only the horn holes blocked.


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