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      I do not currently own a stock air cleaner and probably won’t anytime in the near future. I am asking if someone would be so kind as to share with me the dimensions of a stock air cleaner. I will probably use an aluminum oval air cleaner close to the size of the original.


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      Hi Gene,

      The dimensions of the stock air cleaner assembly is 16.5" long and 9" wide. With the stock air filter element, the height is 1.5" high. Please be aware that alot of the after market oval air cleaner assemblies are approximately 3" high and will not fit under the bonnet (I think a 2" element is about the maximum height).

      Regards, Robin.

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      I opted to go with an oval polished aluminum air cleaner that I got on Ebay. It came with a 2" filter and I upgraded to a washable filter that was a bit taller. The 2" filter would clear a stock hood…at least it would on my car. It’s 12 inches wide which perfectly fits within my hoodscoop….they also make a 15" wide air cleaner.

      I paid about $40-$45 not including shipping…I think the wider one was $10 more…much cheaper than a stock air cleaner.


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      Hi Paul,

      Great looking engine bay, very clean and tidy. Where did you hide your wiring looms or is it just unfinished? It looks so much better. Good choice with you air cleaner assembly (it should breath well).

      Regards, Robin.

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      There are a couple minor details missing…like the PCV hose…but it’s pretty much running condtion in the picture.

      The horns and light wiring runs under the front drivers fender inside of some electrical PVC pipe from the local home improvement store. Other than a notch in a flat metal plate blocking off road debris from the front wheel…no holes were needed to get the wires outside the passenger compartment.

      I moved the horns up front with a couple of brackets mounted to the hood hingles, then blocked the openings.

      The alternator, electric choke, distributor, temp gauge, etc… come out the firewall through a grommetted hole that I believe was for the heater core drainage (I am not running with a heater, since my feet have always been toasty warm).

      Lastly the starter solenoid, voltage regulator, along with electronic ignition box were relocated to the interior of the car and a couple wires run to the starter where the battery cable originally came out the fire wall.

      That’s about it for the electrical.

      To further clean things up…
      I did also remove the brake booster (which didn’t work in my car), replaced the master cylinder with a slightly smaller one…and reran the brake lines down on the driver’s side.

      I have pictures and one of these days I hope to update my website…someday when I can find the time.


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      Very clean job Paul

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