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      OK, so I have two sets of Panasport wheels for my Tiger, both 13 inch. This car has so much power that I’m having a hard time getting any grip. The only 13 inch tires I’ve found out there are touring tires. I’d much rather have a softer compound, so I’m considering getting a set of 15 inch Minilite wheels in the hope of having a better tire selection (street tires for road use).

      Does anyone know which offsets I should make sure to get for the front and rear, and which tire size would work on the Tiger with 15" wheels? Any and all input would be highly appreciated. If I can figure this out and get it done, I will soon have two sets of nice 13" Panasport wheels and tires for sale in the Washington DC area. Thanks!

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      Jeff Nichols

        If you are having problems with tire grip you may have a problem with axel hop. What size motor do you have in your car?

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          OK, 14 and 15" panasports are a comon fitment to the Tiger.. but they are possibly not the answer to your problem. What traction issues are you having? Wheel spin? axel tramp? Sliding in corners?

          There are plenty of good soft compound tyres in 13" try flaen azenis or dunlop formula r, bridgestone 888, yokohamas.. they are also available in 14 and 15.. and you can fit up to 205 on a tiger with a little trimming of the lips on the hweel arch joints (otherwsie they will likely contact the sidewall)

          Question what traction issue are you having.. maybe tramp bars, torque arms etc might be the solution.. and regardless of stopping axel tramp the cars with a warm motor are always going to spin the tyres regardless of how sticky the rubber.

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          Thanks. I’m not having any axle hop, just plain old wheel spin, especially when I’ accelerating in a turn. By the way, I have new springs and shocks on four corners. I expect some wheel spin, but this seems a bit much to me, which is why I want to go with bigger, stickier tires.

          Three questions:

          1. What is the best size of tires for the front and rear of the tiger.
          2. What are the proper wheel offsets? I don’t think the wheel diameter matters when determining offsets.
          3. Third, should the rear wheels be wider than the fronts, like on Porsche cars?


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