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      This past week I needed to replace leaking boots on my steering rack, this is fairly involved with removing radiator and associated parts to gain easy access for rack removal. I know some may do this with the rack in the car, but I think the process is much more straight forward if you remove the rack from the car as the manual suggests.. Before I started I ordered a pair of boots from SS, then I consulted my old copy of CAT Shop Notes, there were a number of part numbers for a variety of boots that members claim to work, one caught my attention because it had provisions for a vent balance tube from a Capri/Mustang II. I went to the local part supplier and got one, it looked good, but of course it did not fit well, the large end was to big, I guess it could have been “shimmed” up in some way and clamped excessively but I declined to use it, mainly because it is a big job to re remove the rack if it leaked due to poor fit. I’m not selling for SS but their boots fit and I have no leaks hopefully for sometime to come..I know with our older specialty cars we sometimes need to adapt other available parts, but when known good correct parts are available I strongly suggest using them.

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