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      Somehow, don’t ask how cause I don’t know, the threads on the nut that locks the steering wheel to the column on my Tiger MKI got messed up. Measuring the I.D. shows approximately 0.522 ", and 28 threads per inch.
      The only thread file I could find for the column does not go to 28 TPI, since I wanted to chase the threads on the column as well.

      Since these are not standard sizes and thread counts, does anyone know what is correct for these?

      I thought they might be Whitworth, but I’m not sure.

      If they are, does anyone have a tap and die I could borrow to chase the threads on the column as well as the nut?

      Thanks in advance.

      Fred Baum

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      George Coleman has offered to loan his die. I am still looking for a tap for the nut.

      Anyone got one?


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      I checked Tom’s car… his steering wheel nut measures 5/16"-24TPI

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      I don’t mean the adjusting mechanism, which I think is what you may have measured. I mean the large nut the holds the steering wheel on to the column, the one with the splines.

      George Coleman told me it was 9/16" x 28 threads per inch.



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        You could try a local machine shop for a new nut..from memory it’s not that thick so you would have to ask for a ‘jam’ nut..

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        It’s only the first thread on one side, and I think once I have chased the threads on the shaft I will be able to get the nut on without cross threading it. I can then use the shaft to chase the bad thread and use the die to clean up the shaft threads.

        I’ve done that before on other projects with success. I just don’t have a tap or die with the correct dimensions. George Coleman is sending the die.

        Or, maybe I could "rent" or borrow a tap from a local shop.


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        Having measured twice before I cut once, the nut I have is not the correct one. It is not even close to 9/16" – 28, measuring a mere 0.522" diameter. George Coleman’s die worked very well on the steering shaft threads, so I know the nut is 9/16" – 28.

        I am left with the dilemma of where did my original nut go? I have looked everywhere except where it is hiding and cannot find it. Without it the car sits in the garage looking at me like the Plymouth "Christine" would look if someone pissed it off.

        Therefore, does anyone have a nut I could buy or would someone be kind enough to "give" me one? I would be happy to pay you with a couple rounds of your favorite tasty beverage at the Uited in October.

        Fred Baum

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        This is your lucky day. Your nuts in the mail.

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        Like I said in my email to you, I’m nuts for you.

        Thanks again.


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