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      The adjusting mechanism for my Tiger does not lock the column in place any more. I tried working with the center shaft and the nut that does the tightening, but the column still slides in and out. The rod comes out about 2", with 1" to 1-1/4" being threaded. I can push the rod all the way back into the center of the steering column shaft.

      I have put a new wheel and hub on the car and want to lock the wheel in one place, cut off the excess locking rod and not worry about being able to adjust the wheel.

      I have a Moto-Lita wheel adapted to a hub that I think is LeCarra. The hub originally had six steering wheel mounting screws, and the new wheel has nine. I was able to use three of the existing holes and drill six new ones to mount the wheel. The hub fit perfectly into the splines of the column.

      I no longer have the old hub and wheel so I can’t go back to original to see if I can solve the problem using the old stuff.

      Hope this all makes sense and you guys can help.

      Thanks in advance.

      Fred Baum

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      Fred, when tightening the securing nut, did it in fact tighten because the nut was bottoming out on the steering column or because it ran out of threads?

      The steering wheel telescoping lock works just like a bike fork works. If you ever took a bike fork apart you will see two tapered slugs. When the bolt is tightened the tapered slugs try and spread out, acting like a clamp inside tube.

      Sometimes in the Alpine/Tiger columns these wedged slugs stick. Usually tight so that the wheel can not bee moved in/out.

      In your case I suspect one of two things. Your treaded rod is actually not being pulled out far enough because you have some missing parts or the tapered slugs are stuck together. The latter is not likely.

      What’s the fix.
      1. Make sure the locknut is in fact bottoming out on the steering column. Use washers if necessary.

      2. If stuck, install locknut on threaded rod and give it a couple very sharp blows from a hammer. You won’t break anything…..or shouldn’t unless yo use a 50 pound sledge hammer.

      In my own Tiger, to make an aftermarket wheel work and still allow adjustability, I had to cut the threaded shaft off about an inch then use my own nut and washer.

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      As usual, you are a Tiger saver. Thank you, TT. I would also like to use this as a tech tip in a future RR.


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      i do the same. i have a motalita wheel and center horn button. i just pulled the bolt up, cut it shorter and use a thick washer to cover the part with no threads and then put a nut on the end.

      still has the adjustability.

      i can send you pictures if you need it.

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      Thanks for the replies.

      My main problem was that not only did the telescoping not lock, but then the locking rod got pushed back into the hole so that I could not see it, no matter where I placed the wheel.

      I got a small magnetic head telescoping tool and was able to retrieve the rod. I had to extend the magnet’s rod all the way, about 20-22", before I bottomed out on the end of the locking rod. I then pulled the rod back up and into sight.

      I must not have had enough washers when I first posted this; I used a couple washers and the original piece from the original hub to try to lock the wheel in place. I thought the piece had pulled the rod up as far as it would go, but it must have bottomed out on the rod’s threads.

      Once I placed some washers on the rod and drew them tight I no longer had a problem. Now I can adapt to make a telescoping steering wheel.
      Thanks again for the responses. Now it is oh so plain and simple.


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      By the way, I also found what has turned out to be a neat center for the new horn button.

      I took the medallion from the back fender on MKI’s and MKIA’s and removed the emblem piece. It is held in by two metal tabs that are bent over on the back of the medallion.

      A little work on the outside diameter and the emblem fits nicely into the center depression on my horn button. I held it in place with double sided tape, so I can remove it without damaging anything.


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      Always adding value, huh!


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      That’s what I do best, besides busting on you!


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